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NAPA is a national training center for public administration, leadership, public management, public governance, and civil service ethics for cadres, civil servants, public employees, public leaders and managers at all levels who are capable to fulfill the assigned tasks, loyal to the Party’s ideology and the revolutionary cause, wholeheartedly serving the Fatherland and the people. It also trains high quality human resources in public management, public policy, and state management in all fields. NAPA conducts scientific research, reviewing theoretical and practical issues, providing scientific arguments for building an enabling, serving, rule-of-law administration with integrity.

Established in 1959, NAPA is a national leading center in training civil servants and high quality human resources in administration for government. NAPA operates simultaneously as a government school and a university, with three basic functions: 1) Training of civil servants; 2) Academic degree training in public administration ; 3) Research and policy advice. NAPA has head-quarter in Hanoi and three regional campuses in Ho Chi Minh City, Central Region, and  Central Highlands.

In the context of globalization and intertwined, interdependent structures, a country is facing many challenges which require government to make intense reform action to change the way of thinking and promote professionalism,  responsibility, transparency and effectiveness, stability and prosperity for a peaceful world. Development of civil servants is significant because civil servants are key actors for the success of the administrative reform.

NAPA has been promoting cooperation and international networking for quality of training to meet the needs of the administrative reform, innovation, and integration. Every year, NAPA organizes training programs, tailor-made courses for senior officials from different countries in the region including Bangladesh, Laos, Indonesia, Pakistan, etc. Since 2010, the Academy conducted joint degree training programs with reputable training institutions, such as the National School of Public Administration in Quebec, Canada; University of Tampere, Finland.

Possessing competent lecturers and researchers, the Academy strives to provide high quality consulting and research; training services in a dynamic learning environment, deeply reflecting the culture and values of public service, practice-oriented training.

NAPA wishes to expand its cooperation with domestic and international partners in training activities, sharing experience, discussion of emerging issues and future challenges for development of an integrity, enabling government which serves people better and is able to steer the boat of the country to happiness and prosperity.

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