National University of Management

Christopher Howes (96), Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Historically, the university was founded in 1983 and named Economic Institute. It was located in the former French School “Lycee Descardes”. At the beginning, the bachelor program was introduced in economic fields which specialized in commerce, agriculture, industry, finance, and planning. In 1989, it was re-named Institute of Economic Science(IES) and comprised academic major fields in economics and commerce. In 1994, in response to political and economic reform towards democracy and free economic markets, IES was-renamed Faculty of Business(FOB). It launched academic major fields in management, marketing, accounting, and finance. In 1998, FOB was re-named National Institute of Management(NIM), and the first private payment prgrams were introduced to all levels. In 2004 the academic role of NIM was broadly expanded and then became National University of Management(NUM). Soon afterwards, in 2005, it was accredited to full status of public non-profit administration. 

The establishment of NUM Research Centre is the result of the commitment of the National University of Management to develop research activities and the financial support of the World Bank. NUM Research Centre was established in 2013 with the main purpose of scientific research and the publishing activities of all academicians and researchers. A constituent objective of NUM Research Centre is to reinforce the interdisciplinary research at NUM. Our main academic activities are:

  • Provide information services
  • Promote external cooperation
  • Organize academic events
  • Promote academic publications
  • Implement research projects



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