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The Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines Inc.(NHFPI) is a an NGO, a non stock, non profit voluntary organization, promotes humanitarian  services  and develop  high quality world class training on  health and wellness program towards  Natural Healing, Traditional, Oriental, Complementary and Alternative Medicine. 

The Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines committed to provide high quality world class wellness training on natural health, science, education, research and conduct continuing education, and to upgrade the standard of complementary and alternative medicine for  high level of competencies. NHFPI seek to enhance the volunteers and alternative health care practitioners to their therapeutic skills and training methodology in the arts of natural healing and other allied services that complements to mainstream medicine


Our mission is to educate the public and create media awareness through National News Paper, facebook , twitter, health journals  on the importance of traditional, natural. spiritual and complementary medicine that are safe, proven, cost effective, and consistent with government standards on health care practice and advocates a theory of comprehensive human development that is linked to its vision of Peace, Safety Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle, seek to enhance skills training in order to uphold the professional practice of complementary and alternative medicine towards the development of Medical and Wellness Tourism in the country.


The Natural Health Foundation of the Philippines Inc. envision the total wellness and development of self directed and responsible professional, capable of functioning effectively in any setting in the field of natural and traditional medicine, science, education and research, that shall contribute towards the attainment of national and global unity between western and oriental medicine for better health, peace and progress. Also NHFPI has worked to increase media awareness for public health in the promotion of traditional, complementary and alternative medicine and engaged in community based-voluntary health services for the achievement of novel profession and create job opportunities for the sustainable community development.


1. To provide quality world class training , wellness services  and develop educational program in complementary and alternative medicine (CAM).

2. To promulgate and enforce ethical standard, rules and regulation, policies and guidelines of the organization/institution.

3. To provide information for the advancement of science, technology, ethics and arts on alternative health care through seminar, meetings, lecture, publication and other related materials.                                                   

4. To organize livelihood activity, awareness seminar, workshop, in-house training, outreach program, medical and dental mission , humanitarian services, research work, upgrade and develop continuing education for allied health professionals, health workers, students, researchers, professors, pastors, doctors and extension workers in the field of complementary and alternative medicine practices under RA 8423 and PD 856.                                                                      

5. To provide scholarship to those interested in traditional, natural, holistic, complementary and alternative medicine.                                                                                                                                            

6. To establish institutions, academy, training center, wellness center, health spa, oriental hospitals and clinical resources that all shall facilitate quality technical and educational learning skills programs.                        

7. To facilitate cooperation and understanding among alternative medical practitioners and other allied medical health profession, hospital services, companies, private and government institutions, LGU, NGO, local and international manufacturer/ industry and other agencies that interested in traditional, natural , holistic, complementary and alternative medicine.

8. To promotes and advocates of Peace, Safety, Unity, Wellness and Healthy Lifestyle through the use of traditional, complementary , alternative & integrative health care modalities that have been proven, safe , cost effective and consistent with government standard on health care practices.

9. To professionalized, standardized and uplift the practice of complementary and alternative health care practice into high level of performance and quality world class services which adjunct to national and global competitive standards.

10. To accept  grants, solicit or ask donation to support the project of the humanitarian activity of the organization/ foundation.

11. To coordinate and promotes linkages  activity  to different  organization, society, association, foundation and federation in which the group involves in the integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine to the Western Medicine both local and international health agencies.

12. To create public awareness for the use of natural, traditional, holistic and spiritual medicine into scientific approach that can be use to the integration of Complementary and Alternative Medicine in the national curriculum both College and Universities.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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