Nguyen Trai High School – Ba Dinh – Hanoi

Nguyen Trai High School, Nam Cao, Giang Vo, Ba Đình, Hanoi, Vietnam


Nguyen Trai High School – Ba Dinh – Hanoi is one of the earliest schools established in Hanoi according to the Decree re-establishing Nguyen Trai High School – Hanoi of the Prime Minister of North Vietnam (August 24 – August – 1950) (Le 24 Aout 1950). Up to now, the school has a long history of more than 70 years of construction and growth.

Through the ups and downs associated with the history of the country, the history of the capital, the generations of teachers and students at Nguyen Trai High School always overcome difficulties, hardships, challenges, and assert themselves through each stage. development, with many different locations and names.

 For the past 70 years, Nguyen Trai-Ba Dinh High School has really been a process of striving to build and develop. It is the continuous promotion and inheritance of generations of managers, teachers, and teachers. school students. The generations of students have marked the tradition of fondness for learning, intelligence, dynamism and political bravery, making an important contribution to the student and student movement of the Capital during the years of resistance against the French. anti-American boiling point of the country. Among more than 18,000 alumni of generations who have grown up from this school, many have inscribed their names in the history of the country, of the nation both while the country was at war as well as when the country was at peace. and entered the current period of construction and development.

The achievements that many generations have cultivated are not small, we have the right to be proud and cherish, must always consider it as a fulcrum, the driving force to strive higher in the process of building and developing. In the future, lessons must always be learned in each difficult period so that it is not repeated.

The school’s goal and orientation in the coming years is to build a team of strong professional teachers who are responsive to modern teaching conditions, active, advanced, and dedicated teaching methods. with students. Gradually improve and affirm the quality of education for students, build and practice a civilized, elegant, modern and dynamic student style. Build a pedagogical environment and invest in depth in facilities for teaching and learning. With the unanimous solidarity and joint efforts of all 74 current staff, teachers and staff, Nguyen Trai – Ba Dinh High School will certainly achieve important results in the coming years. on.

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