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2021 Math Group Tuition 

Having problems breaking the A*/A1 barrier for Maths?
Not satisfied with your current Grades in the Math Exams?
Find trouble understanding and tackling Math Questions?
Confused by the myriad of techniques taught by teachers and tutors?
Teachers not bringing concepts down to the level of your understanding?
– Small Group Math Tuition for Upper Primary and Secondary students are conducted at our centres in Bishan and Punggol.

– All Primary Math (P4, P5 & P6) Classes will be taught personally by our Math Consultant, Mr Zhou.
– Our Math Consultant, Mr Zhou, is an alumnus of Raffles Institution (Gifted Education Programme) and the National University of Singapore. He also acheived a Gold Medal in the Singapore Math Olympiad (ranked 23rd in Singapore) and a Distinction in the American Math Competition


 NickleBee Math™ which uses the C3PO Problem Solving Framework (developed in-house by Mr Zhou) to help guide our student’s reasoning and analytical thought process, and ensure a solid foundation of ALL 11 Heuristics tools and 18 Problem Solving Concepts, as required to ace the PSLE Math Exam.

– We teach the usage of our proprietary UNITARY Method (Version 2.0) to give our students the confidence and speed to solve ALL Challenging PSLE Math Problem Sums efficiently and accurately. Comparatively, students find the old model drawing method too cumbersome and tedious to use for tough questions.

– We use our NickleBee Math materials along with the “OnSponge” and the “Get Me Thinking” Math series to help your child master Problem Solving Skills & Heuristics and ace their math exams! 

 Our students are provided Dynamic & Individualized tutoring, at their own pace, within a Small Group setting. As such, stronger students are not held back, and weaker students are given time to learn.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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