NIEC International

NIEC, Township, Myanmar (Burma)


NIEC is a private international school with rich and diverse community, offering inspiring and well-rounded international education to students from Preschool levels to IGCSE levels since 2008. A key goal shared by NIEC stakeholders is to provide “better education”, prioritizing excellence in academic and personality.

We are committed to providing quality and comprehensive courses that will prepare the individuals to acquire and develop the necessary knowledge, skills and the attitudes towards their learning. We provide students with warm family-like welcoming environment. We are proud of close working relationship among the stakeholders: community, management, staff, students and parents.

NIEC school started on Thanlwin Road and has moved to the present premises on Dhammayone street, Yankin, Kanbe since 2012 to accommodate more applicants. Our NIEC has extended to another school compound since 2019 – 20 academic year with good infrastructure in terms of buildings and supporting facilities in a wide compound which can accommodate over 200 students with the objectives of catering to the increasing number of preschool students and providing an environment where students can enjoy their time to the fullest.

The school facilities affect students’ learning and engagement in their learning as well as their growth in their academic achievement, knowledge and confidence. The school is well-resourced:

(1) ICT Lab: All computers with educational software and applications as well as the networking and printing facilities; teachers and students fully exploit the technology and infrastructure provided;

(2) Science laboratory is well stocked for the scientific experiments and helps students to remember the concepts, develop practical skills, increase  the understanding of the nature of science in addition to cultivating interest in science and learning science;

(3) Libraries with a wide range of reading materials for students to increase their reading habits and foster school`s “home reading policy”; a comfortable reading area is beside the library that provides an ideal atmosphere for students to enjoy reading;

(4) Spacious parking lot and multi-purpose playgrounds for school extracurricular activities and occasions, educational exhibitions and morning assemblies in addition to the main purpose of PE activities;

(5) Preschool play area where preschoolers can play in a safe, secure and natural environment, catered especially for the enjoyment and physical development of young kids; the area is equipped with a variety of outdoor as well as indoor play equipment;

(6) Music is a part of the curriculum and Music room is well-equipped with musical instruments, where students can develop their talents;

(7) Kids Corner enables the students to learn at his or her own pace while enjoying hands-on and free-play activities before they start their days at school;

The school has a medical examination for preschool as well as primary/ secondary level students, regularly visited and checked by a doctor; full-time nurse is available throughout the office hours to give first aid for the cases of injury or illness which needs medical attention; we believe that “a healthy student is a successful learner”.

Buses with GPS are arranged for transporting students to and from school with reasonable charges.

With the mindset and attitude of responsibility, accountability and proactive, students are trained to help one another, fostering the atmosphere of caring, friendliness among junior and senior students. We provide our students with empowerment and leadership opportunities. With the leadership skills, our students show respect to teachers and fellow students. They conduct themselves in a manner that doesn’t disturb but that foster the environment which is conducive to learning. All students are bound by rules and regulations.

We are proud of our products’ optimum results and most of our IGCSE graduates have joined prestigious colleges around the world. High expectations and strong motivation of our students, constant supportive parents and excellent teaching of our academic staff contribute to our products’ optimum.


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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