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Unleash your child’s potential

At Nimbus, we are commited to help your child grow to achieve their goals.

When you start to build a company, you do so with the dream that it will grow beyond your wildest expectations. That it will solve problems you didn’t expect it could and be able to adapt to the challenges your partners face.

When we started Nimbus Learning, we looked to solve what we saw as a gap in support for students such as ourselves. We wanted to offer a capable tutoring service that would connect students looking for help with tutors offering it. All managed through an elegant and seamless workflow.

As we built partnerships with institutions worldwide, we found that Nimbus’s solutions could support our university partners in many other aspects of higher education such as mentoring programs.

Our Vision
To provide quality tutors with results guaranteed, with zero service fee charges from us! You get to pick from the best of the best tutors available for your child.

Our mission

Our mission is to connect those who have a passion for teaching with those with the motivation to learn. Whether it be in the classroom or as students look to develop skills outside of academia, there will always be a need to know more, understand more and improve.

Quality assurance

Our tutors have experience as a tutor or as a Ministry of Education (MOE) teacher. They also have a proven track record of increasing the grades of their students. We guarantee that our tutors can help improve your child’s results by at least 2 grades.* Teaching comes from the heart, and our tutors will go above and beyond to help your child achieve the best grades possible.

Lesson experience

Book, reschedule and have your lesson entirely through the app. Seamless integration of lessons ensures that both the tutor and your child focus on what is important.

Improving higher education

Nimbus Learning provides a seamless workflow that connects students to tutors and other aspects of higher education – such as mentoring programs and advisors.
Program administrators, educators and staff are able to access analytics on their programs, allowing them to see what support services are most used and which are most in demand.
This mentorship and tutoring service, together with our new online teaching platform, allows Nimbus Learning to support institutes of higher education in creating deep, meaningful connections with their students.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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