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OCSystem is the Integrated Accounting System. It has 6 modules included in the system such as Purchase Module, Inventory Module, Sale Module, POS Module, Fixed Asset Module and Ledger Module.It is suitable for Service companies and trading companies such as distributor, whole seller, retailer

OCSystem provides the capability to manage inventory, ensuring full visibility of product, intermediate and raw material items, while also delivering lot and batch control. The Inventory module comprises Inventory Management and Inventory Traceability, with additional options, Costing, delivering Landed Costing and Cost Analysis, and Product Profiles. The solution enables greater control over inventory levels, without forfeiting essential customer service levels.

OCSystem has an integral fixed assets register. Do away with separate or spreadsheet based systems and get: Asset management, including budgets,status, disposal, depreciation, financial analysis and ledger management,Budgeting, forecasting and taxation values- Diary system for enhancement, disposal and part disposal, Dual currency asset value,Full audit reports, Online ledger update,Powerful reporting tools,Range of international depreciation methods,Separate depreciation for each currency,Status, listing and journal reports,Up to 110 characters available for asset coding,Up to ten budget ledgers,User defined transaction types

OCSystem provides full sales order management through its Sales module, which delivers complete functionality for Sales Invoicing and Sales Management. In addition, there are options to deliver profiling specifically for customers, and advanced pricing. The solution ensures that organizations can streamline the sales, order and distribution operations, in order to deliver high levels of customer service.

The Purchasing module provides components for Purchase Invoicing, Purchase Management and Budget & Commitment Control. In addition, there are options for Advanced Pricing and for Product Profiles, delivering profiling specifically for suppliers. The solution delivers the ability to analyze and report on a comprehensive database of supplier information, in order to improve buying power. The Purchasing module can also be used with OCSystem Purchase Requisitioning to provide a full procurement solution.

OCPOSSystem is a POS management information system, developed in the purpose of providing excellence in retail management in the store operation. OCPOSSystem will bring you efficiency in sale operation, customer management, financial management, inventory management, staff management and decision making.

OCSystem is today’s most comprehensive, fully customizable HR management solution for small and midsized businesses. We help you improve effectiveness and make better decisions across all your key HR tasks, so you get the most out of every dollar you invest in your people.Created by HR professionals for HR professionals, OCSystem provides all the essentials you need for hiring and managing your employees.
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