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Ocean Edu International English System is a brand invested by the Lincoln School of Management Singapore. Through 13 years of development, Ocean Edu has become one of the leading prestigious English language education institutions in Vietnam with a system of more than 100 training branches in all provinces nationwide.

Ocean Edu Vietnam has a team of 100% foreign teachers with high pedagogical expertise, dedicated to love the profession, with more than 1500 professional, enthusiastic staff and experts and modern facilities. Up to now, Ocean Edu has welcomed more than 150,000 students each year and successfully trained more than 1,000,000 students. More than 90% of the trainees returning to use our training services have proven that the quality of training is effective, which is also the sustainable value of Ocean Edu.

Ocean Edu has been striving to become the leading educational group in Vietnam, contributing to changing the English education of the country and raising the position of Vietnamese in the international arena.

With an international standard education program and outstanding development over the years, Ocean Edu has received many noble titles and awards, worthy of being the brand of an international English center in Vietnam. 

13 years, always pioneering with the mission of “Helping millions of Vietnamese good English”, Ocean Edu has become the leading prestigious brand in Vietnam, proud is a place to illuminate the potential for millions of students to conquer the dream of global citizenship.

The study programs at Ocean Edu are compiled and continuously updated according to international standards, highly practical, suitable for each age group, helping students achieve the highest efficiency and success. proficient in work and life.

The advantage in the quality of the program at Ocean Edu is the application of modern technology and the world’s leading online learning management system, LMS. This is a tool to manage students, curriculum, connect and enhance interaction between parents and teachers anywhere, anytime.

Ocean Edu builds a clear and long-term learning pathway, is committed to efficiency, and orientates an open future for each student. Every student from a young age to entering high school, college, and beyond, has an experience and development orientation with an international educational environment, helping students become a global citizen.

Ocean Edu uses a strict and methodical learning process: Before enrolling, students will be given an entrance test to evaluate their qualifications and advise appropriate learning pathways, throughout the learning process. There will be midterm and end-of-semester tests to track student performance. In addition, students can also participate in many interesting extracurricular activities. Parents will be constantly updated with their child’s learning status as well as learning orientation in class and teacher comments.

With the focus and attention on the quality of training, process standards from people to facilities and the cooperation of each student and parents, Ocean Edu is committed to providing you with education products and services of the highest quality.


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  • English for Adults

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