Open Class Advanced Ballet from Kinergie Studio

101A Phố Nguyễn Khuyến, Văn Miếu, Đống Đa, Hanoi, Vietnam


Suitable for those who love and have practiced Ballet for a long time who want to learn more difficult to improve their level.

Duration: long term, depending on the level of practice and ability, students can move to a higher level class.


  • Open Class, or open class, as the name implies, is an open class that any student interested in Ballet can join, professional or not.
  • Classes are divided into different levels, and students can choose to try higher levels to progress faster, or choose to take slower classes for more technical practice.
  • Each class session, the teacher will give out exercises right in the class, students will have the opportunity to practice the quickness of their minds to analyze the lesson quickly and remember the lesson quickly right in the classroom. This is very necessary and important for you to learn dance.
  • In addition, because Open Class is different from the traditional teaching method of the dance class (a number of topics for students to memorize for a long time, often applied in the Ballet Course for beginners), Students can join at any time even after a long break from Ballet. Students only need to choose for themselves a number of classes suitable for their level and convenient time to practice.

However, Kinergie Studio also recommends that you go to school regularly and fully, because like other academic arts, people who practice Ballet need to practice regularly to solidify the technique and build for themselves. strong, supple and graceful body.

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