Oriental Studies Department, HINTHADA UNIVERSITY

Hinthada University, Myoh Pat Road, Hinthada, Myanmar (Burma)


  The moto of the Department of Oriental studies in Hinthada University is “ñāto attho sukhāvaho.”  It means “knowledge leads to meaning, Meaning leads to happiness”.

Vision :

Vision of Department of Oriental studies.

  • To upgrade thinking skill of the citizen (Students)
  • To get rational conduct power of differentiating between the good and the bad.
  • To be good citizen with high standard of morality.

Mission :

Mission of Department of Oriental studies.

  • To prioritize to nurture well-educated intelligentsia with high morality and good will.

Research :

  • Study of Dhammapada Appamada (Pāli Literature)
  • Pāli Literature
  • Studying the Statements of Friends of the World (Pāli Literature)
  • In the time of the Buddha, the study of the six Abhidhammas (Pāli Literature)
  • Pali Kulamana Thikara from Kayanupasana, Pabbadhatu Manathikara; Pāli Literature (Pāli Literature)
  • Studying University Names from a Pali Perspective (Pāli Literature)
  • Studying the planets in the pagodas of Hinthada (Pāli Literature)
  • Studying Metta Sutta from the 11 Great Suttas (Pāli Literature)
  • Studying the Morals of Amaganda Sutta Buddha (Pāli Literature)
  • Pāli Literature: The Study of the Su-Si-Pu-Ba’s Advice from the Buddha
  • Pāli Literature
  • A Study of the Twelve Seasons from a Pali Perspective (Pဠli Literature)
  • A study of the relationship between the nature of the Buddhist Abhidhamma and the mental nature of today’s youth (Pāli Literature)
  • The Eightfold Path Blessings (Pāli Literature)
  • Study of Buddha statues from Bagan period to Konbaung period (Pāli Literature)
  • P အကြောင်းကိုli Literature
  • Pāli Literature Study of the Law of the People
  • U Pare Pagoda in Hinthada The ten-storied pagoda. Studying the history of Nat Maw Shwe Thar Laung Pagoda and the shape of the pagoda (Buddhism)
  • Religious activities of famous monks in Hinthada

Course :

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