OTC is an innovation leader in the development and delivery of practical outsourcing training programs for the past 14 years in engineering and technical related areas.

Outsourcing Training & Consulting (OTC) was established focusing its efforts in providing effective continuing education programs to practicing engineers.

OTC Training Centre Sdn Bhd was established focusing its efforts in providing effective continuing education programs to practicing engineers in response to the rapidly changing requirements of the industry. It was founded with one goal in mind – to become the Premier Engineering Training and Consulting Company.
Our fundamental objective is to address the training needs of all professional engineers and technical staff in the industry. We specialize in providing professional technical engineering training both public and in-company / in-house to help our clients in converting their knowledge into enhanced productivity.
Technology and globalization are rapidly trimming the differentiators between organizations. Small margins of added value performance make a huge difference; Life long learning plays an important role in the industry to maintain competitive marketing edge and to meet the growing needs of the customer.
Engineering is a dynamic profession with continuing new developments and novel innovations. In this modern age, engineers are expected to be responsive and quick to adopt new tec hnologies to maintain or increase their competitive edge. In order to fully exploit these benefits effectively, there is a need for engineers to continuously upgrade themselves.
Engineers, by choosing the profession have dedicated themselves to a life-long process of continuing education. Although formal continuing education programs are provided at various institutions leading to accredited qualifications, the demands of a formal continuing education programs may not be compatible with the development of engineers engaged in high growth and dynamic areas.
The concept of outsourcing is actually ancient. Nobody can execute all tasks by himself. Outsourcing to others what they do more efficiently is successful management strategy that has be applied in all over the world.
Outsource your training and consultancy is a rapidly growing business strategy…not a trend! More and more, corporate executives are recognizing the value of using business process outsourcing companies to perform non-core activities that are important to the value generation of the company
Our Programs :
Public Programs :
–  Social Media Marketing and Branding Development
–  Geometric Dimensioning and Tolerancing (GD&T)
–   Cost Of Poor Quality (COPQ)
–   Understanding Calibration Certificate
–   Useful Excel Formulas and Functions
–    Digital Social Selling Masterclass 2021
–    Anti-Bribery and Corruption – S. 17A…
–   Data Analysis and Interactive Dashboard Reporting…
Customize Programs
–    Technical Programs
–     Soft Skills Programs
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