PADETC (Participatory Development Training Centre)

Participatory Development Training Center, Vientiane, Laos


PADETC was founded in 1996 to promote education, leadership skills and sustainable development in Laos.

PADETC (Participatory Development Training Centre) is an indigenous, all-Lao organization committed to making a unique and distinctive contribution to the development of Laos.

Our work is based on the principles of  Education for Sustainable Development  — development with a balance between social development, economic development and environmental harmony.  Our key work areas  are:  capacity building for organizations ; service delivery through  learning centers and networks ; and leadership and advocacy.

We encourage people to eradicate suffering by building-up a happy life through holistic educational development, which promotes all values of life without avoiding inconvenient truths. To build access to a just Lao society and education for all communities and the new generation.

Imagine a house with four pillars, built on a sturdy foundation. This is PADETC’s model of sustainable development (left). Built on a strong base of good governance and education, upheld by four pillars of economic development, environmental harmony, promotion and preservation of culture, and lastly the spiritual well-being or heart of the people.

All these components work together to form the roof (or ultimate goal) which is Genuine National Happiness, a concept of joyful living inspired by the Bhutanese idea of Gross.


A) Education for Sustainable Development

Education and development are closely linked with each other and should reflect each other in a changing world. Education in this century needs to reflect a balance between economic, environmental and cultural dimensions, and prepare youth not only for the workplace, but how to be active and aware citizens who are able to make decisions, think critically and care for others in their communities.

It may seem old-fashioned to speak of spirituality in the 21st century, but PADETC believes that modern-day education and development models have ignored this crucial element. Modern societies may be highly skilled but often sorely lack qualities such as compassion and social responsibility.

B) Capacity building services for organizations

PADETC uses its institutional experience to strengthen the skills of Non Profit Associations (NPAs), emerging organizations and other partners.

PADETC provides capacity building and support services in the following areas:

1. Project management:

  • Project cycle management and project planning
  • Management support

2. Financial management:

  • Practical Financial Management for NGOs
  • Financial Sustainability Essentials
  • Successful Grant Management

3. Human resource management:

  • Leadership
  • Team building
  • ToT: Training of Trainers

 4. IT support:

  • Virus protection and data protection
  • Email setup and management
  • Network management.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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