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Chiropractic is an alternative medicine. which is a specialist in the spine, nervous system and muscles by adjusting the dislocation of the joints from the original position and interfere with the functioning of the nervous system (Subluxation) to return to normal by the hands of experts. without medication To allow the body to repair itself effectively.

…Life… It’s
 not just bones, blood. and various tissues that only form together But there are other parts that allow life to exist. and is the one who manages everything in life

such as causing the heart to beat, allowing the lungs to breathe, the stomach to digest, the kidneys to excrete and circulate, the glands to secrete essential substances, the organs work according to the body’s needs

 This is what we call some common sense. Some non-common sense, or mind, or nerves, or innate or whatever we call it. which is invisible, colorless, odorless, tasteless, cannot be touched. But we know that it is something that is within us.

Fact on Chiropractic     

Science of Chiropractic Medicine (Chiropractic) began to occur for the first time in Davenport, lowa, USA in the year 1895 (1895), the first initiator is DR. DD Palmer, he developed the art, philosophy and science of chiropractic medicine. Chiropractic is a Greek word derived from the word “Cheir” and “Praktikas” , meaning ” hand  therapy by a specialist”.
Subluxation, compression of the nerve  
Subluxation is a deformity of the spine that is dislocated in the wrong position. damage the joints pressure on the disc herniation and the nerve part causing the body to lose balance in order to repair itself
When the spine is dislocated in the wrong position, it causes the body structure to be unbalanced. As a result, tissues and muscles are inflamed, swollen, tight, and also interfere with the functioning of the nerve impulses to malfunction. As a result, the muscles begin to weaken and then there will be pain, stiffness, followed if it is very chronic. Will affect the mind as well as the disease resistance will be lower.
Chiropractic examination
Treatment will begin with a history of symptoms. to reading the patient’s X-ray film The treatment usually involves the use of a specialist’s hands or a device to help adjust the spine and joints. from an abnormal position to return to the correct state Including adjusting the function of the nerves to be better as well without needles or surgery However, it focuses on the cause (cause) of the symptoms.
For the duration of treatment depends on the 4 components as follows:
1. How severe is the condition?
2. How long has the symptoms been chronic?
3. How much is the patient’s body capable of recovering and treating itself?
4. Has the patient strictly followed the instructions?
How does chiropractic treat? 
Chiropractic treatment is similar in principle to other medical practitioners. To have to have
1. Seizures history of illness.
2. Physical examination, both the stomach bone and nervous system Including checking for abnormal body structure
3. X-RAY examination to assist in diagnosis
4. Diagnosis and treatment (to bring back the better functioning of the nervous system = Proper function of nervous system)
When the bone presses on the nerve, what are the symptoms?
common symptoms
ㆍ Headache around or on one side
ㆍ Migraine
ㆍ Neck pain, shoulder pain, arm pain, back pain
ㆍ Pain or numbness in the arms, legs
ㆍ Sports injuries (Sport injuries)
ㆍ Accident injuries (Accident)
ㆍ Disc herniation Joint pain
ㆍ Injury from lifting heavy
objects ㆍ Fatigue, insomnia
ㆍ Scoliosis, stress, tendon inflammation
ㆍ Those who are tired of taking medicine and fear of surgery
ㆍ Those who can’t find answers from the abnormal symptoms of the body
ㆍ In the case of pregnant mothers There will be a dramatic and rapid change in structure. both during pregnancy and after childbirth until causing pain in various parts of the body  Chiropractors can help balance the mother and baby’s body. to make childbirth easier.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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