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Passerelles Numériques Cambodia (PNC), BP 511, Street 371, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Passerelles numériques is a non-profit organization under French law, created in 2005, operating in three Asian countries: Cambodia, the Philippines and Vietnam.

Our mission is to provide education, technical and professional training in the digital sector to young underprivileged people by leveraging their potential and willpower. We endeavour to truly develop their employability which will allow them and their families to escape poverty in a sustainable way, and contribute to the social and economic development of their countries.

Our beneficiaries are typically underprivileged or disadvantaged, in extremely precarious situations, according to the criteria PN has defined/specified for each of the countries in which it operates.

Our objectives

PN’s objective is that at least 90% of the students enrolled in our programs can escape poverty, be professionally more successful relatively to the national average, and take advantage of a ‘Gateway for Life’.

PN’s additional objective is to reduce inequality between genders. Therefore, PN strives to enrol a ratio of at least 50% girls (or a maximum of two thirds) at each of our centers.

What we do

Conduct a fair and rigorous selection

Concentrating on the poorest areas in the large region surrounding each training center, our selection process follows four stages:

  • Information sessions to explain the IT sector and its opportunities, and to introduce our programs.
  • Written exams in logic, mathematics and English to check the applicants’ abilities.
  • Individual interviews to assess each applicant’s motivation, maturity and mindset.
  • Social investigations to evaluate the family’s resources and validate their eligibility. Only the most underprivileged are admitted.

Provide a general training in professional skills

This differentiating component of our training programs is highly appreciated by recruiting companies. We specifically cover:

  • English language learning.
  • ‘Professional life’ training nurturing business skills based on general knowledge, business world knowledge and behavioral skills.
  • Higher-level soft skills such as open-mindedness, autonomy, flexibility and initiative.

Deliver a solid technical and practical training

Focusing on employability, Passerelles numériques’ training is constantly updated in order to match business needs; it aims at being practical, targeted and certified.

Ensure a social and educational development

To prepare our students to become autonomous and independent adults, Passerelles numériques has developed a personal development extra-curricular program which revolves around PN’s values: trust, responsibility, solidarity. Our holistic educative approach also helps our students to acquire solid general knowledge and better understand the world around them.

They also develop general, environmental and health awareness through various prevention activities. In order for our students to focus on their intense studies, PN covers their needs and expenses:

  • Moral and educational support: follow-up and counseling
  • Training expenses
  • Living expenses: lodging, equipment, food, transportation, medical expenses
  • Students learn how to manage a budget by receiving a monthly allowance for food and personal daily expenses. A small part of the expenses is covered by student’s families which helps to maintain their strong involvement.

Facilitate access to employment

Students are guided through both their internship and job search by our External Relations department, closely supported by our alumni network and by PN’s partners (resume and cover letter workshops, individual follow-up and coaching, career orientation sessions, regular sessions of job interview roleplays).

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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