Performance Class for Ages 7-11 by The Drama Academy

Room No. PH7001, KBank Siam Pic-Ganesha Theatre, 388 Rama I Rd, Pathum Wan, Pathum Wan District, Bangkok 10330, Thailand


Fun Act [Level 1]

This class focuses on enabling learners to use their ideas systematically. and be reasonable as well as stimulating creativity to gain benefits through the process of acting All actors must have ideas and ideas. A good actor is an actor who can pick up good ideas. be a good choice So that you can be a good choice. You need to understand the human mind system. so that you can convey the thoughts of the author of the poem or director through various characters

Inner to Outer [Level 2]

This class focuses on students to practice their imagination. and beyond that is for students to get to know their own emotions Learn how emotions are formed. and be able to control the emotions that arise because in our life Most humans like to think that we judge rationally. I don’t know that 90% of people choose everything based on their emotions. and use reason as a factor Therefore, we focus on teaching students to learn about emotional management systematically. in order to live happily Do not become a slave to your own emotions for actors In every performance it’s dry if the actors can’t convey the emotions. come out sincerely If everyone cried the same in the whole world Acting science is not necessary to study. But we need actors to know their emotions in every form: happiness, sadness, anger, fear. What will make you feel that way?

Powerful Inner [Level 3]

In the Advance stage, after students get to know themselves body, voice, mind, and thoughts, in this step we encourage students to take part in learning. and understand themselves through the roles of various characters so that we can better understand human beings The first human that he must learn is himself. He was able to design his role in life more clearly. Choose a way of life or chapter in life for yourself. For this course, the actors will play their real roles. Try to take on the roles of different characters. Learn to interpret the characters. Analyze the scripts to be ready to step into the real world of acting.

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