Perry Sevidal Ballet

8883 Sampaloc, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


Perry Sevidal Ballet Studio offers dance classes in:

  • Ballet Dance, all levels, all ages (3 yrs and up)

A jazz technique based class which focuses on both percussive adage movements.  The dancers core, agility and strength is the main focus of the class.  In choreography, contemporary dance is infused to offer variations and connection to current experiences.


A class that teaches some of the more important elements of Streetdance to new and ballet trained students.  Dance hall, house, krump, wacking and some more are taught together with groove and musicality to modern pop and R&B music.

  • TAP Dance

A step dance which makes audible sounds using shoes with hard soles and heel to which taps have been added.  Influenced by the African American slaves’ rhythms and movements during the olden times which then evolved to what is now called Tap dance.


Pilates or art of contrology as Joseph Pilates calls it, is a body conditioning and low impact exercise.  It concentrates on the band around your waist and what we call the power house.


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