Philippine Airlines Aviation School

PAL Gate 3, Andrews Avenue, Pasay, Metro Manila, Philippines


Philippine Airlines Aviation School is one of the premier flight schools in the country.  Being the first flying school in Asia, it is backed by decades of vast training experience in the realm of aviation.

We offer the following programs/courses: the Ab-Initio Training and the Modular Trainings.

  1. Ab-Initio Training

The Ab-Initio Training is a pre-set training.  This type of training is ideal for full time students as this type of training is done by batching system.

The first phase of training is the Private Pilot Training while the second phase of training is the Commercial Pilot Training with Instrument Rating.  Both include classroom, simulator and flight training.

Private Pilot Training

  1. Classroom Training (255+00 hours)

This phase of training introduces the students to complete and concise explanations of the fundamental concepts and ideas of flying. 

  1. Simulator Training (10+00 hours)

During this phase the students will undergo training in CAAP certified type simulator or flight training device (FTD).

Having studied each navigational techniques and procedures separately during the ground school phase, the student is exposed to study the integration of these navigational techniques and procedures in the synthetic trainer.

For the private pilot training, the student will undergo Basic Instrument Procedure Flying.

  1. Flight Training (54+30 hours)

Commercial Pilot Training with Instrument Rating

  1. Classroom Training (199+00 hours)
  2. Simulator Training (20+00 hours)
  3. Flight Training (163+00 hours)

Requirements for Ab-Initio Training Applicants

  1. Documentary Requirements
  2. Screening of Documents
  3. Selection Process


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