Philippine Center for Voice Acting – VOICEWORX

Creative Center Building, 1745 Dian St, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


To hone and produce Filipino voice artists that exude passion, greatness and excellence in the craft.

Discover the Art of Voice Acting and the secrets of professional voice artist and dubbers .
Use the talent you already possess to begin your Voice Over career in less time and save thousands of pesos.
Are YOU constantly hearing commercials that you know YOU could have voiced better? Commercials that would sound better if YOUR voice was used on them?
I’ll bet you hear them every day — but do nothing but complain.
Too many of us just accept things the way they are because ‘it was done by a professional voice over guy or gal.’ Stop settling for something YOU know you can do better!
Along with commercials, there are many other things that need voicing — corporate and industrial presentations, narrations, audio for websites — just to mention a few.
As long as there are products to voice — there will be a need for good, skilled voice over artists.
So, where do they come from? Who trains them? How do they acquire that skills necessary to get hired for voice over work?
That’s where our voice acting and dubbing training comes in..
You will also learn…
  • to interpret the copy.
  • effective pacing and pausing.
  • proper inflection.
  • enunciation and articulation.
  • reading faster but still legible.
  • vocal and facial exercises to keep your muscles limber.
  • tricks to get those facial muscles to work when they don’t want to.
  • and, various microphone techniques that will dramatically change the way you sound.
  • Script Writing/Translating/Re-writing
  • Voice-Acting, Voice Directing and Dubbing
  • Actual Dubbing and Radio Ad Recording Session
  • ABS CBN Dubbing Studio Tour (by invitation of Instructors)
  • Anime Conventions Hosting
  • Real Radio Broadcasting
  • Radio Drama
Its the most comprehensive workshop on Voice Acting and Dubbing for Telenovelas and Anime!
You can be part of an 8-week long seminar that will do wonders for the way you speak and perform. If you’ve always wanted to become a voice artist for radio and tv commercial, dubber for telenovelas and anime, or improve how people listen to you speak, then this is the way to go!
VoiceWorx! brings you the force of voice acting within reach. Learn the art of voice acting and voice overs in a fun environment, guaranteed to bring out the creative juices within you. See how do it..
This 2 month Voice Acting course guarantees to perk up that personality in your voice!
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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