PT Pistarlabs Digital Solusi, Menara Rajawali, RT.5/RW.2, Kuningan, East Kuningan, South Jakarta City, Jakarta 12950, Indonesia


Web and Mobile Application Developer in Jakarta, Indonesia.

We create Web, iOS, Android applications and care deeply for how users interact with digital product. Create your next winning product with us!


Pistarlabs design solutions for digital interactions. Our team delivers great values for brand through innovative design. We are a credible team that you can connect to web and mobile developers who engineer your mobile, website, or brands of your dream.

Web Development

We build powerful websites that meet the needs of our clients by implementing interactive design and the latest technology. Focusing on the users of our websites, we want them to have lasting impressions by managing the functionalities and performance capabilities, as well as the usability.

Mobile Development

We combine functionality with productivity. Using our mobile applications, you will be amazed by the rich user experience and high level of interactivity. With expert knowledge in iOS, Android, backend management, and amazing design, we have the ability to handle any technical challenge.

UI & UX Design

Interaction of human and machine occurs in user interface. From pencil and paper to wireframe, we define the flow of websites and apps, including layout, location of items, features, and information. We observe users’ behavior, attitude, and emotions using particular products and then apply the result in order to create unique and practical experiences. We assure you that we produce intuitive, efficient, and enjoyable human-machine interactions.

Brand Identity

Brand identity is way more than just a logo; it’s how business wants to be perceived by consumers. We analyze the brand and its market and determine its key business goals to reflect the value of the company through SWOT Test. Bringing the brand to the market, we need to identify the customers and determine the personality and message it wants to communicate. Final result, the product is salable and accepted in society.

Wearable App

Nowadays, wearable technology is a huge part of society. Our deep knowledge and experience with web and mobile solutions has translated into a high level of competence in wearable development. We have been performing research about wearable platform resulting best practices for developing wearable apps.


We combine ideas and creativity into better solutions. This can be accomplished by researching all aspects related to the idea, developing the idea with consideration of using existing or adapting new technology, demonstrating and deploying, and market research. The innovation will ultimately provide benefits to company.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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