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Of the four management functions including Planning, Organizing, Leading and Controlling, Planning is the first and plays an important role in clearly defining desired outcomes and helping to develop plans. implemented in order to achieve the stated objectives. This is also the basis for controlling the organization’s activities.

In this Planning function, skills in action planning and progress reporting to realize organizational and departmental goals are essential skills for managers. A work plan needs to be invested in building, detailed sequencing and risk estimation, so that the team can prepare appropriate resources and control progress effectively.

With the desire to provide the Board of Directors, management levels and employees of the enterprise with a system of scientific knowledge, along with important tools & necessary skills in capacity development and Due to the effectiveness of the staff, PACE has researched, designed and implemented the training program “Planning & Reporting Skills” .


The program is suitable for Teams at all levels of management / Functional management team:

-Functional Directors in the enterprise such as: Finance Director, Human Resources Director, Sales Director, Marketing Director, Administrative Director, Sales Director, Production Director, Technical Director, Project Director, Chief Accountant, IT Director, Technology Director,…

-Heads/Deputy Heads of Departments, Departments and Divisions of the enterprise;

-Those who are interested and want to improve their skills in action planning and progress reporting.

Date: December 5 , 2021 – Live Learning(ONLINE)


Upon successful completion of this training program, students will be able to:

-Distinguish between goals and other desired outcomes in the organization’s operations;

-Apply the planning process to realize the goal;

-Use planning tools;

-Determine how to control when executing the plan;

-Recognize the role of reports and improve the reporting system of the Department/Department.


Part I: Making a plan to realize the goal

-Distinguish between goals and targets;

-Planning process:

-Determine the target;

-Identify the work items that need to be done to realize the goal;

-Determine the sequence and draw the sequence diagram of the work items;

-Work assignment;

-Estimated time to complete work items;

-Use PERT diagrams and Critical Paths;

-Use the GANTT chart;

-Determining when to perform work items;

-Make an action plan.

Part II: Execution Control and Reporting

-Develop a control plan;

-Determine the milestones (milestone);

-Make a control panel;

-Risk management when implementing the plan;

-Reporting system.

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