PlaySound Academy of Music

120/34 ถนน วัชรพล Tha Raeng, Bang Khen, Bangkok 10220, Thailand


Academy of Music was founded by professor PlaySound Burden v Sombutsiri since 2550 aims to create a music academy for young children up to lay the foundation for music. The emphasis is on playing piano as a starting point for young children aged 3 years and up.


  • Piano / PIANO

The “Kid Prodigy Piano” solo toddler piano course consists of 6 books (6 Levels) designed for young children starting at age 3 and a half. By focusing on children to be able to read notes. and play music using both the right hand and the left hand at the same time within 6 months, along with training in Listening Skills, intonation discrimination and the short and long strokes of the notes.

  • Children’s music “Music for Little Ones”

Dalcroze’s Applied Music Methodology (Eurhythmics), Orff schulwerk and Kodaly courses focus on cultivating children’s listening, singing, and rhythmic learning skills. rhythmic movements (Movement) and can participate in group activities He can do different rhythms. as well as enhancing the skills and understanding about the meaning of musical symbol to be developed for playing musical instruments.

  • Music Theory for Audio Skills / Theory Ear Training

Learn music theory to increase understanding and apply it along with learning to practice understanding various components of music such as rhythm, chords, melody, structure of music. as well as composing songs or a simple melody Writing songs for each instrument.

  • Sing/Voice
  • Violin & Guitar


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