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Public Speaking for Kids  is a course that helps children practice the necessary skills to understand what is public speaking, provided with vocabulary and sentence structure to use in speaking.

The course revolves around a wide variety of topics. Students will learn how to introduce themselves and present their interests with confidence and freshness. Topics are expanded with increasing difficulty when asking children to give a presentation about an animal’s habitat, introduce a country or give an opinion on a book, movie, etc. With lectures and presentations. The subject of the lesson offers content that is close to life. Students will spend the last part of the course working on all the skills they’ve learned and working harder on intonation for the most engaging and engaging speech. lock up PUBLIC SPEAKING FOR KIDS  will help children develop coherent thinking, wise communication and confidence when presenting their views in front of a crowd. Besides being able to “role” the presentation, the course is also a place for students to practice, consolidate and foster more academic vocabulary from the previous elementary TOEFL course. The course is a turning point for children before they come to the English system for junior high school. With all the communication and presentation skills children have learned from Public Speaking for Kids , they can be more confident in the preparation steps for their future “admission interviews”  .



  • Children learn to build their own speech with 3 main ideas.
  • Learn how to make a compelling opening using the art of the opening hook and how to wrap up the content before concluding the talk.
  • Learn how to effectively use teaching aids such as note cards , projectors, and visual aids .
  • Practice critical thinking when you can make your own criteria to choose for yourself quality stories and poems that are suitable for the talk.
  • Mastering the presentation time , memorizing  the content you want to convey or  how to dress  appropriately for the speaking situation will also be learned in this course.


The next skill that the course gives children is Presentation Skills. This is an extremely necessary soft skill for children to be able to deliver a good speech that attracts listeners.

VOICE:  The right voice and volume, the way the voice rises and falls emphasizes important points.

POISE:  Standing posture and gestures help convey content in the best way

EYE CONTACT: Make  eye contact with the audience

SPEED:  Reasonable speaking speed to have a clear speech, how to change the speaking tempo to attract listeners to the content you want to convey.


IMPROMPTU: Impromptu  talks are those that are given in class, without much preparation. These are often improvised speeches, which clearly show the students’ improvisation ability and vocabulary.

INFORMATIVE: Voiceovers  give children the opportunity to learn about a certain topic, then share that knowledge with the whole class through their learned Delivery Skills.

PERSUASIVE:  Persuasive speech is the most difficult form of public speaking. Students need not only to provide information, but also to provide arguments to prove their point of view. The talk convinces me to practice thinking and mastering situations for children

DEMONSTRATION:  An explanatory talk that provides how an object/system works or instructions on how to do something. Children will be familiar with providing information and explaining it to listeners.

DRAMATIC INTERPRETIVE: Expressive narration teaches children how to make speech more “soul” by emphasizing, raising and lowering the  voice. Students learn this type of speech by reading stories, poems or speeches of famous people. This type emphasizes on building the speaker’s communication skills and expressions to attract the audience.

If you have any questions or would like more information about the course, please contact us.

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