QNE Software Myanmar Company Limited (QNE)

QNE Software Myanmar Co., Ltd., Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


QNE Software Myanmar Company Limited (QNE) is a dynamic organization located in Yangon that actively provides Accounting Systems to Myanmar. QNE’s solutions are designed specifically to meet the requirement of local business practices and challenging environment.

With a strong commitment to research and development, QNE is able to provide users with new applications and features that help the users to meet the challenging and demanding business environment.

Supported by a localized team of qualified and skilled technical specialists, QNE is capable of providing speedy responses to users which addresses their specific needs and requirements. “A local team that understands the local business, and close to the users” has been a core competency for QNE, and it will remain as the platform for QNE to develop a dynamic relationship with all users.


QNE business solutions are designed for business running in networking environment (eg: LAN or WAN) with special attention to MYANMAR market. QNE has the most advanced search engine and report writer for users to generate unlimited customized reports.


User friendly control layout and easy to learn, complete training materials provided. With its user friendliness in the system design, it makes QNE to become the best accounting software in Myanmar.


Designed for business running in networking environment. QNE offers faster speed, higher stability and larger volume of data handlings, ensure your data keep properly.


Our seasoned management and technically skilled support group assists your business grow. We are here ready to serve you.


QNE is not only an accounting tools, it provides you with analytic tools such as cashflow status, forecast, profit estimator, stock break-even point, and more to complement your business growth.


QNE includes selling price control, purchase requisition control, compulsory entry of sales person/ project/ location/ cheque no. in transaction, credit limit and etc to ensure your business run smoothly.


  •  Our company offers several alternative business accounting systems, professional consultancy, cloud computing solution and support programs.
  •  QNE software product range included financial accounting, billing, sales distribution, purchase distribution, inventory, point of sales, payroll and business software solution.
  •  The professional services include consultancy, project management, implementation, training and supports.
  •  QNE provides several ways for our customers to continually interact with our experienced consultants and customer supports personnel during the implementation and support periods. This is accomplished through telephone, facsimile, email and remote on-line supports.
  • These programs provide the highest quality and efficiency business accounting system to meet the needs of our customers.

We understanding that choosing the right accounting systems can be very difficult decisions, because different industry will require different solutions, even same industry may have similar but different needs.

Our groups of certified software professional have carefully examined the products we are carrying by using our years of experience in both accounting & technology to determine the best business software solutions for different business type we serve. we offer solutions for small business, medium and large companies as well.

And we are sure our company only sells the best of breed software.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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