Quantum Training

King George's Avenue, Singapore


Transforming Lives and Organization through Effective Training

The Quantum method stands apart as it encourages individuals to learn rather than being trained.

Excellence is innate. Our expertise is in identifying, grooming and maximizing it. We are Quantum Training, catalysts to personal effectiveness, professional growth, organizational transformation and learning curve. We train the mind to explore its creative dimensions, build on existing capabilities and excel by achieving highest potential. Our range of tailored behavioural training programmes is designed as individual or organizational vision and developmental plan. We affirm that results of our programmes show up in profits, performance and delight of our customers who are our true brand ambassadors.

Natural grasping and absorption is induced via the following methods :

  • By presenting deeply researched content in a well structured and easy to understand manner.

  • By creating real life simulations and role play scenarios.
  • By taking advantage of audio visual information sharing techniques to make it easier for participants to understand and relate to.
  • By sharing real life problems or predicaments from various global organisations and encouraging participants to find solutions.
  • By implementing activity driven programs in which individuals practically experience the learning rather than reading or hearing about it.

We specialise in training for:

  • Senior Leaders
  • Front line to mid-level management
  • Sales leaders
  • Sales managers
  • Individual professionals

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