R Keeper (Cambodia) Co Ltd.

R-Keeper, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


R-Keeper is one of the world’s leading provider of information technology solutions (software and hardware) for the management and automation of business processes to business establishments in entertainment, restaurants and hotels.

List of our clients is growing rapidly with the number currently on the 17.000 customers from Europe, Americas and Asia. We know that the solution of the system we developed and successfully applied in almost all places is due to really good relationship with customers. That’s why we developed the product easy to use, easy to grasp as well as customer service attentive 24 / 7.

Our solutions include modules with different versions appropriate to meet any of the management of all sized businesses from a small cafe to a hotel or recreation area complex the very large. We are proud to offer customers a real system stability and reliability as well as ensure that customers will likely return on investment in the shortest time.

R-Keeper  provides design solutions specializing in restaurants, hotels, entertainment centers and health care, such as spa, fitness, Healthcare centers and hospitals and clinics.

With 20 years of global experience, our products are always the first choice of customers by a software solution built on a platform with the leading technology research and development experience Building on more than 25 countries and territories. The products of the R-Keeper software   capable of “variable” and “configuration” is very high so it can fit all sizes from small to large business, from simple to complex.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.


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