Rama 9 Hospital

Phraram 9 Hospital, Rama 9th Road, Bang Kapi, Huai Khwang, Bangkok, Thailand


Rama 9 Hospital Located on an area of ​​​​over 6 rai, the 15-storey building is well designed and decorated. In order to provide services quickly and conveniently, the first five floors are for outpatient services, administrative departments and various service departments, while the top ten floors of the building are 163 bed inpatient rooms (IPD), examination rooms for Outpatient (OPD) number 114 rooms are ready to provide various medical treatments and services in specialized medical centers such as the Rama IX Cardiovascular Institute. 

Praram 9 Hospital realizes the importance of the heart. And has opened a heart center to provide services to patients in this area all along. in order to be ready in terms of providing complete and efficient services Rama IX Hospital has therefore developed and strengthened the service of cardiovascular disease patients by increasing the capacity of personnel (doctors, nurses, physical therapists, etc.). including staff in various fields) modern tools Expand the scope of work in caring for patients and their relatives. including promoting academic work, educating patients and relatives for the practice of the patient and relatives for the prevention of disease Care during the disease as well as the rehabilitation of cardiovascular function after the disease. From the heart center, it has developed into the Rama IX Heart and Vascular Institute.

Rama 9 Kidney Transplant Institute There is an ethics committee to screen kidney donations with transparency and accuracy. Received an award for outstanding research at the event “The 6 th Congress of the Asian Society of Transplants” in Singapore. The kidney care center has specialist doctors. Which graduated from the United States (American Board of Nephrology) and from England (Cambridge UK) is a kidney disease center certified by the Royal College of Physicians of Thailand. which has been carried out for 10 years, has been presented at international conferences for medical research related to renal replacement, a total of 51 research results, and has built a reputation for Thailand.

Rama IX Obstetrics and Gynecological Center that provides 4D ultrasound services by a doctor who specializes in prenatal diagnosis. to be able to prepare for immediate close care When abnormal symptoms are found in the baby before birth 

The hospital has 8 operating rooms for all types of surgeries. including kidney transplantation and heart replacement surgery. At present, the hospital has 18 ICU rooms, emergency rooms, delivery rooms and recovery rooms. There is also the Rama IX Kidney Transplant Institute. laboratory and blood bank which has been fully equipped with modern equipment

And Rama IX Hospital is the first private hospital in Thailand to have the latest technology at present, namely the CT Scan 640 Slice machine that can create 640 images per 1 X-ray tube rotation, which provides speed in examination. do not hold back for long provide more accurate test results A heart rate that is 140 bmp or arrhythmia can be checked. And reduce the radiation dose that patients receive up to 74%. In addition, other parts of the body can also be examined, such as the brain, lungs, liver, pancreas, bones, joints, colon, etc.

Praram 9 Hospital attaches great importance to the provision of modern equipment so that all hospital doctors can be used to diagnose and treat diseases accurately and quickly.

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