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At Roots Learners Haven, it’s all about Going Back To The Fundamentals and Building Strong Foundations.

Roots Learners Haven is more than just a math tuition centre who helps students solve math questions using our unique Roots Methodology. All our students have seen marked improvement in their grades. In fact, many students actually uses the Roots Method mastered during their math tuition and applied the Roots concept unconsciously to their other subjects and they are reportedly getting overall improvements in their grades too.

  1. Cultivating students’ habits to systematically solve math questions using the Roots Method.
  2. Equipping students with basic mathematical tools to work out solutions systematically by themselves (Coaching students “how to fish” and NOT “giving them the fish [We do not provide solutions to students for copying]”)
  3. At Roots Learners Haven, students are expected to work through our specially developed guided math questions without first knowing the full solution to the math answer so as to enforce on the “how to fish” philosophy. Typically, students may take 1 month to get accustomed to the better and unique Roots math approach, as it differs from common practises whereby full math answers and solutions are readily presented to students “giving them the fish” for them to reproduce.
  4. Students learn well while doing. Instead of listening to lecture style teachers’ explanations, our students spend most of the time working through specially prepared guided math questions worksheets(for primary levels). Some students will require a few sessions to get accustomed to this culture.
  5. At Roots Learners Haven, students are trained to visualise and solve complex math questions and problem sums in small stages using the Table MethodTM. They are expected to complete all assigned math homework using this method.(Primary Level)
  6. Table MethodTM for primary school problem sums is a combination of unitary and ratio methods. These two methods are widely applied in the school syllabus.(Primary Level)
  7. To maximise students learning experience, the following items listed below are not allowed during their coaching sessions. When these items are found displayed by students during the session, the items will be confiscated and must be redeemed by their parents.
    1. Time-reading devices
    2. Communication devices
    3. Items that may distract their learning (e.g. Toy-like stationary)

Why choose us?

We Cultivate Interest:

We assist our students to excel in Math through cultivating interest in the subject itself.

Build Strong Foundation:

Build strong foundation by associating new concepts to familiar ones through visual aids.

Personalised Coaching

Maximize our self-paced students learning from mistakes and questionings.

Our Tools & Methods

Simplify workings, minimize careless mistakes, and improve speed in solving problems.

We have many success stories with our proven coaching style

Embark on a successful learning journey with us now.

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