Ryobi Lao

Lao PDR DoJ, 10, Don Noun, Vientiane Capital, Laos


 Ryobi Lao is a member of the Ryobi Group in Japan. The Ryobi Group develops various business activities, including the “Transportation and Tourism Group” using buses, trucks, and taxis, the “ICT Group” for information services, the “Total Life Services Group” for retailing and nursing-care business, and “Urban Development Group” for the real estate business. We, centering on the spirit of “sincerity and consideration”, have been growing as a proposal-based company that finds solutions for problems in society and in communities, by pursuing “safety, security, ecology, and health”. Also, we have built the two large-scale logistics bases in Vietnam and Myanmar to establish a cold chain of logistics in Southeast Asia, and have contributed to the development of Southeast Asian industries.

In Laos, ICT (Information and Communication Technology) introduction has been advancing rapidly, and the rate of people using mobile phones has exceeded 50%. However, room for expansion still remains in the government and companies for ICT introduction. ICT technology will further enter our lives, and become an indispensable presence.

As such, our Ryobi Lao has set a vision of “Enriching the country of Laos using ICT!”. We have launched projects that support activities of the e-Government plan, and eveloping/providing applications to enrich lives, as well as aiming for dissemination of ICT in Laos. As a partner of promoting ICT technology, each company that has an ICT Group, such as the Ryobi Systems, provides the support.Each company that has an ICT Group provides a wide range of unique brand information to Japanese customers across the country, for example, in government, the medical/health welfare fields, and private companies. All of them are also motivated companies that have addressed new business development, including data center operation, and promotion of IoT/AI projects. They are business entities where technologies to help enrich Laos have been consolidated. Our Ryobi Lao mobilizes the power of the Ryobi Group, and makes efforts on enrichment in Laos.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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