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Sage Solutions Philippines, Inc. offers a one-stop solution to business owners regardless of nature and size.  It is headed by the top management team in the industry. The main objective is to assist SMEs in enhancing their overall business performance and valuation hence, be listed with the Philippine Stock Exchange (PSE).

There are 3 programs namely;

Re-tooling program is where we create awareness to business owners on how that can achieve exponential growth and entrepreneurship know how.

Pre-investment program is where we do a comprehensive research about the company and recommend the course of actions needed to ensure investable opportunities aside from the conventional methods.

Investment program is where we have our own mutual fund ready for deployment to enterprises that qualify after our pre-investment program.


  • Assist companies in formulating key strategic solutions to enhance their goals and objectives.
  • Formulate business models for companies to enhance overall productivity and operation efficiency.
  • Assist companies in tapping into different types of financial tools available both domestically and internationally ideally to suit the needs of the enterprise.
  • Create a proper roadmap for companies taking the IPO journey.


  • Entrepreneurship skills including importance of building company culture and leadership.
  • Importance of business models.
  • Strategies available for scaling business.
  • Methods on how to enhance company’s valuation and profitability.
  • Knowledge on financial tools availability aside from conventional tools.
  • PSE listing requirements, timeline and procedure.
  • PSE and SEC disclosure requirements.
  • Advantages of listing with PSE to a company.
  • Importance of post-IPO management.


  • Provide a comprehensive feasibility study.
  • Recommend courses of actions needed to achieve well governance status.
  • Work diligently with clients to achieve the well governance standards to ensure high success rate in acquiring the financial funds from investors domestically and internationally.
  • Offer scaling strategies to enhance overall valuation.
  • Offer pre-IPO consultancy services.
  • Offer post-IPO management services.


  • Partnership with reputable local investment bankers.
  • Partnership with big local and foreign institutions.
  • Vast network of private equity investors worldwide.
  • Underwriting assistance to licensed underwriters in the Philippines.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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