Seven Skies International

Seven Skies International School, Lorong Teknologi C, Taman Sains Selangor, Petaling Jaya, Selangor, Malaysia


Established in 2014, Seven Skies International is a unique concept Cambridge accredited School that follows the UK National Curriculum for Primary and IGCSE Cambridge Curriculum for Secondary. We aspire to make children lifelong learner, a responsible individual and an independent entrepreneur with an emphasis on Character Before Excellence. 

Nurturing Emotional Intelligence and aspiring them to excel academically is our utmost priority

We prepare our young people to tackle the demands of tomorrow’s world by guiding them to develop a thirst of knowledge and a lasting passion for learning with humanity as a mandatory value in life

Conducive learning spaces with a unique touch of moral and character education is the signature identity of ours. 

Our Vision: To be the best premium school that embodies a holistic and caring environment that fosters excellence in academic and moral education. 

Our Aim: We aim to create & nurture responsible leaders that serve humanity 

Our Slogan say’s it best “Character Before Excellence” As we strive for our students to excel in their Academics nothing makes a bigger difference, than nurturing them with the right values, characteristics so they can articulate it spiritually through development of an internal moral compass that guides behaviour and become a Man/Woman of Value  

Our Values: Honesty – Optimism – Purity – Excellence

Leading students to academic excellence through self-resilience, entrepreneurial skills and strong character development.

By providing project based and experiential learning – creating opportunities for life, skills development, confidence-building, volunteerism and improving student’s health and spiritual wellbeing we aim to nurture responsible leaders who make a positive impact in their communities and the world at large.

Curiosity is harnessed by quarterly themes that run throughout the school and inspires children’s natural desire to learn. We actively empower them with living skills and tools, whilst challenging them to brainstorm solutions to the problem at hand. There is a strong emphasis on group and peer led instruction along with the latest technology being made available to the students. By placing the students at the center of the learning experience, we encourage them to discover, learn, and unleash their natural leadership and drive.  Our strength lies in the values we uphold, the vision we chase and the commitment we stand by.


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