SFAD JCB Gallery Philippines

Philippine Women's University, Taft Avenue, Malate, Manila, Metro Manila, Philippines


The SFAD Studio Gallery is the official gallery of the PWU School of Fine Arts and Design. It opened in March 2012 with Noel Soler Cuizon, SFAD’s Painting Program Coordinator, as its first Curator. The year 2014 brought in transitions with Karen Ocampo Flores stepping in as Curator after Noel Soler Cuizon, who is now Directos of SFAD’s Center for Visual Printamking (CVP) in the place of the late Don M. Salubayba.

Since its inception, the gallery has held over 15 exhibitions that showcased works of PWU alumni, students, faculty and organizations. It is designated as a studio gallery by setting itself as a laboratory for academic study, artistic exploration and inquiry. 

Through curatorial projects that interface PWU’s academic community with organizations and institutions, the gallery aims to create a sustainable venue for artistic development and cultural research.

The gallery is open from Monday to Friday from 10:00am to 6:00pm and on Saturday by appointment. It is located at the back building of PWU, along Leon Guinto Street, right across the building of PWU International House.
As a studio gallery, it adheres to the memorandum on policies and standards for Fine Arts programs issued by the Commission on Higher Education, combining the studio’s educational function for problem-solving and expression with the gallery’s exhibition design and modes of audience engagement; these elements are integrated into curatorial projects that interface students and faculty with various publics.
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