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SIKAD offers a management system for schools. Allows clients to manage finance, communication, library, teacher performance assessment, and more. Enables users to record learning & teaching activities which include details like the material taught and presence of students at each lesson.


Cloud Apps

The application does not need to be installed. Schools can run applications in less than 24 hours. Can be accessed from anywhere as long as there is an Internet connection.


Implement maximum security. Your data is protected with a reliable firewall and backup scheme. We hold your trust fully, your data is only for your school consumption

User Friendly

SIKAD was developed with the main users being teachers and students, so it was made by considering the ease with which teachers can use it. The user interface is intuitive and user friendly and supported by existing support and manuals, it is hoped that teachers can get used to using the application more quickly.

Always update

Any changes to Curriculum regulations, both related to assessment and reporting, will be implemented as soon as possible into the system.

Features :

Academic 2013

This is the main feature of SIKAD. Starting from assisting teachers in organizing their assessment files to printing report cards based on the 2013 Curriculum, this feature eliminates teachers’ concerns about changing Ministry regulations.

KBM process

SIKAD records the progress of Learning and Teaching Activities comprehensively. Allows the Principal, Deputy, Homeroom, Parents and other related parties to know the details from the teacher, to the material, to the attendance of students every lesson.

Counseling guidance

Guidance Counseling Teachers can also use SIKAD for counseling archiving and the counseling process itself. Monitor student behavior, so that they can immediately work together with parents or other parties to help with problems faced by students.


SIKAD also has a document filing system, a database of school infrastructure, students, teachers, and employees, so that reporting on school conditions can be done quickly and accurately.


Schools do not need to provide separate software for the circulation of library loans. The data is directly integrated with the existing system. We will help transfer data from the old application if the school has used other software.


The student payment system can be done through the Bank easily and automatically updates the system. Schools do not need to check the list of account mutations one by one. SIKAD also has a module for managing school finances


SIKAD has an internal communication system in the form of an SMS Center, chat system and web conference. Web conferencing can also be used as a virtual classroom where students can take lessons directly from the teacher remotely.

Student Admission

The SIKAD PPDB system can accommodate various criteria as well as special tests. If your school charges a registration fee, we will setup a payment system automatically, so transactions are cashless and easy.

New! PKG Online

The PKG process ((Teacher Performance Assessment) is sometimes quite time-consuming, both for the Assessors (Assessors), the teachers being assessed (Assessions) and of course for Admin colleagues. Currently we have added the online PKG feature in your Academic System application Through this feature, we hope that the PKG process in your school environment can be more efficient and of high quality.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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