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We make personalized education available to all learners.

Founded in 2015, Snapask is an education technology company that applies machine learning and mobile cloud services to make education more effective, personalised, and accessible to everyone.

Snapask launched its flagship mobile application featuring its “Question & Answer” (Q&A) service. It connects students in need with qualified tutors within seconds. The release of “Learning Planner”​ feature in 2018 takes Snapask 1 step closer towards providing personalised learning support to students. This feature supports personalised content recommendation based on students’​ revision habits and learning progress.

Snapask is currently supporting 2+ million students across 10 regions in APAC in their after school studies. Striving to be the biggest and best Q&A service available to students.


Learning on Snapask is a student-driven experience, designed around personalization, motivation and prediction. Using Snapask, students are encouraged to take initiative in their own learning. By revealing their learning progress, coursework and teaching approaches can be adapted to match student learning goals and aspiration. Leveraging insights and behaviours generated from student usage across the platform, Snapask creates self-directed learning experiences that feature personal learning support, motivated learning habits, and predicted learning achievement.


Snapask Q&A: When students need help with homework or revision, they snap a photo of their question on Snapask. Based on every student’s unique needs, Snapask connects them with qualified tutors within 15 seconds. Together with the student, the tutor will tackle the question step by step.

Learning Planner: Snapask recommends revision quizzes to students based on their learning habits and needs. We analyze every student’s learning progress on our platform to uncover their strengths and weaknesses, helping them master their subject material.

Trusted by more than 3 million users worldwide, Snapask lets you connect with a tutor instantaneously to help you with your online learning needs. Be it online homework help or revision help, our carefully selected, nurturing tutors will ensure that your child is able to grasp the concepts needed with ease.


Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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