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24-26 St 169, Phnom Penh, Khan 7 Makara, Cambodia


The mission of Sovannaphumi School is “to provide quality education services complying with national and international standards to students in order to make them well prepared for their higher education and professional career”.

SPS is one of the leading educational institutions of Cambodia which provides high standard and comprehensively accredited programs from the Ministry of Education, Youth and Sport (MoEYS) for its Khmer General Education from Kindergarten to Grade 12 and General English Program from Kindergarten to Secondary Level. SPS has formed the academic partnership within all the NTC Group’s business units and other local and international institutions and organizations. We management team and stakeholders are fully committed to achieving a high standard of excellence in education, in a mutual collaboration with the Ministry of Education, Youth, and Sport to develop human resources in Cambodia. Here are our four missions to realize SPS vision:

  1. Quality Academic Programs which assist the students in their physical, social, spiritual, moral, emotional and cultural development.
  2. Quality Teachers who are able to develop the potential of their students inside and outside the classroom.
  3. Quality Educational Facilities which enable the students to grow and flourish intellectually.
  4. Quality Learning Environment which ensures safety for students’ well-being and learning and is where student achievements are acknowledged and promoted.

Core Values

SPS’s Values are common beliefs that all SPS’s staffs and managers will demonstrate in real practices and day-to-day behaviors. All SPS’s staffs and leaders will strictly adhere to four core values, and will demonstrate actions and behaviors accordingly.

Professionalism: SPS staff and managers perform their work in a systematic, and standardized ways that ensures high quality of SPS education services to its clients.

Respect: Respect all people, internal staff/ managers, and external stakeholders (students, parents and other relevant stakeholders). Liaise, communicate and interact with stakeholders in a respectful, moral, polite and peaceful manner.

Innovation: SPS constantly develops new, creative, and unique education products/services that enhances its competitiveness and cutting-edge in the national and international education contexts.

Ownership: SPS staff and managers are highly responsible and accountable for their work (success and failure), and they actively and collaboratively participate in SPS development and improvement that ensures effective teamwork. All relevant information is shared to ensure transparency.


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