Sri Sri Yoga Studio – Vientian

Art Of Living Yoga Studio, Khun Bu Lom Rd, Vientiane, Laos


The Art of Living Sri Sri Yoga Studio in Vientiane brings about a complete package of holistic approach towards health and wellness with wide range of offerings in Yoga and Wellness programs. Sri Sri Yoga Studio is one of the only few yoga studios in Laos which offers wide range of authentic yoga classes for all types of individuals and also provide wellness programs for overall well-being.

Yoga Classes
Yoga programs offered at The Art of Living Sri Sri Yoga Studio introduce you to deep dive and explore the potentials within oneself with a beautiful combination of slow and vigorous yoga sequences, effective breathing techniques and soothing meditations for a deep relaxation experience through yogic stretches.

  • Soulful Yoga
  • Traditional Yoga
  • Pranayam & Guided Meditations
  • Yogic Fitness
  • Yoga for Relaxation

Yoga for Children
Yoga program for children offers unique possibility for every child to experience a joyful blossoming of their natural potential. The program includes asanas, meditations and fun filled activities that help children in all round development.

Wellness Programs
Wellness programs and therapies offered in our yoga studios facilitates our body’s healing mechanism with various powerful ancient Indian techniques that influence everything from mental, spiritual to physical well-being. The programs are designed for people of all ages.

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