Stag Match® Education and Training Group

Woodlands Road, Stag Match Education and Training Centre ( ) - Junction 10, Singapore


Stag Match® Education and Training Group   has integrated 4 of its brands in 1 Centre.

1) Stag Match Tuition Centre ( registered and approved Tuition Centre by MOE)
2) Stag Match Enrichment Centre
3) Stag Match Student Care Centre
4) Stag Match Training Centre ( Adult )

Stag Match® is a registered education business that has become a leading education business in the education industry. Our growing services are in-line with Singapore’ Education system, which focuses on students’ creative thinking and analytical skills. Stag Match is constantly in-touch with the changing educational system with the aim of helping students gain a competitive edge in the knowledge-based economy.

Stag Match aims to prepare its students to excel as young leaders of tomorrow by combining an exclusive collegiate – based curriculum tailored specifically for children and adults with enhanced, first class learning services. We offer our courses with competitive prices in order to be able to engage students island-wide to be able to learn.


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