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There are over 100 rural villages in Siem Reap province, and most do not have a local school. While several international NGO’s are working to build schools for these communities, there are currently no qualified teachers to provide instruction.  Additionally, village young people who strive to become teachers cannot afford the tuition and have no transportation to attend the provincial teacher training programs.

Teach Cambodia has developed a special outreach program to meet the needs of these rural villages.  We offer a full-time, mentored, teacher preparation program including courses in curriculum, pedagogy, child development, foundations, content area curriculum, and related interdisciplinary studies (such as linguistics, sociology, and anthropology of education). Courses are taught by  the resident teacher educator and international visiting scholars.   

As a part of their training, teacher education students will participate in field training experience alongside of master teachers, at the Boing Village Lab School (currently under construction). They will develop a personal set of teaching resources during their studies, that they will take with them to their new positions as full-time teachers upon graduation.

MoEYS Certification

Training will culminate in the qualification for a certificate of teaching competence, administered by the Ministry of Youth, Education and Sports (MoEYS).  We hope to eventually offer two levels of training, as outlined by MoEYS:  (1) a two-year practitioner program and (2) a four-year pedagogue program. In the future, the institute will be able to provide housing for teacher candidates from distant communities.


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