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Ace Building, Rada, Legazpi Village, Makati, Metro Manila, Philippines


55% of our communication comes from our body language. Over the phone, we lose more than half of our means to communicate effectively. Face to face selling is hard enough and yet, with telemarketing, we need to succeed with less than half of our communication tools. So we need sharpened skills to use the tools we have left. What are needed are powerful words and a credible voice that will influence the caller to make decisions based on our recommendations.

With Effective Telemarketing, participants will:

  • Practice voice clarity, calibration, contrast and control
  • Avoid undesirable voice characteristics over the phone
  • Use powerful and motivating words
  • Avoid words that project tentativeness, uncertainty and lack of confidence
  • Handle inquiries to sell and not just to inform
  • Use effective openers for out-bound calls
  • Handle objections given the limited time of phone transactions

This program is designed for all people who sell over the phone.


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