Tenby Schools Ipoh

Bandar Meru Raya, Persiaran Meru Utama, 30020 Ipoh, Perak Darul Ridzuan, Malaysia


Established in 1960, Tenby Schools Ipoh equips students for local and global success by delivering Amazing Learning. Offering both the international and national curriculum Tenby Schools gives parents the option of an enriching international education from Early Years to Secondary/Sixth Form or a Private Malaysian education within an international setting from Standard 1 up to Form 5. 

Tenby Schools provides a strong academic foundation that opens the doors some of the top universities around the world for our students. Our holistic approach to education framed by our bespoke C.A.S.E programme enables students to achieve their potential in the creative arts, sports, leadership and service allowing them to walk through the doors opened by the excellent academic performances.

Students leave Tenby Schools with a love of learning and as global citizens equipped with the knowledge, skills and understanding to make a success of their lives and contribute positively to society.

At our school, we want to support your child’s development into a capable, well-balanced adult. To achieve this, we draw on our 60-year heritage of educational experience as well as the best of evidence-based pedagogy. Our purpose-designed campus provides students with a conducive environment to learn new skills, discover new interests, and grow in knowledge of themselves and the world around them.

Our holistic approach to education is an effective blend of intellectual endeavour coupled with a broad range of co-curricular activities, which not only facilitate academic excellence but character development as well.

The foundation for academic excellence

We believe in an approach to education that emphasises the active involvement of students in their own learning. This involves helping our students constantly discover new things about themselves and the people and world around them. In this way, students are empowered to be lifelong, independent learners.

Additionally, our experienced staff and faculty actively seek opportunities for students to meet and exceed their potential in all areas of academia. From our Early Years to our A Level classes, students are challenged, supported and guided in order to stretch their capabilities beyond their comfort zone.

This approach has resulted in consistently outstanding results in both our Malaysian National and International schools. We are regularly ranked among the top schools in Perak for UPSR, PT3 and SPM results, while our students at Tenby International School have regularly been recognised as some of the Top in the World in various subjects.

Well-rounded individuals

While academic success is important for university placement and career pathways, it is also important to provide a balance with a co-curricular programme that helps children develop the skills to thrive amidst a fast-changing world.

This includes the nurturing of soft skills such as agility to adapt to changing situations, collaboration with other parties, and communicating with diverse people effectively. We also enable our students to learn leadership skills by providing opportunities for them to initiate ideas and be involved in student-driven projects. Furthermore, we prepare students to be critical thinkers, where they develop the ability to define problems, develop multiple solutions and apply their knowledge in new ways.

It is our experience that students who develop these skills are able to achieve greater levels of learning than standardized tests can measure. 

Amazing students

We especially want to inspire children to learn to levels that amaze them. Those moments where students can say “I didn’t realise I could do that until now!” are what we call Amazing Learning moments. When we help them realise that there is always another level to be reached, students will strive to reach that level, and will keep the memory of breaking through with them into their adult life.

We are committed to facilitating students in this journey to becoming better versions of themselves. This will enable our students to develop excellence of character so that they can realise their true potential. And ultimately, a person of excellent character will bring about excellence to all that they do.


The International Curriculum

Malaysian National Curriculum


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