Texas International Academy

St 310, Phnom Penh, Cambodia


Kindergarten and Elementary International School in Phnom Penh.

Our school is in partnership with the North Texas Academy in Texas, America that is a private school that has a long history of success in children educational development. The advantage of this partnership is that it allows T.I.A to use directly and exactly the same curriculum as the one used by The North Texas Academy to teach children in America.

Texas International Academy is now a member of IPC (International Primary Curriculum). The IPC is one of the fastest growing curriculums in the world today. It is a philosophy, process and pedagogy that will help you to deliver a broader and more rigorous learning experience for your children. Each unit is designed around one core purpose: improving children’s learning. Our world-class writers have created a range of units designed to nurture children’s personal qualities and develop international mindedness, and at the heart of these units are the IPC Learning Goals.


  • Excellence

  • Responsibility

  • Creativity

  • Honesty

  • Leadership

  • Diversity

  • Responsive Relationship

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