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We are a company that provides services for printing fabrics and various types of textiles in digital systems. to be used to produce various fashion products It supports both print system Dye Sublimation can be printed on all kinds of fabrics containing synthetic fibers (Polyester) and printing systems, Direct to Garment (DTG) which supports printing T-shirts with fabrics are natural fibers (Cotton. 100%)    

The company is happy to provide consulting services and work with designers and organizations that want to print fabrics. to produce and develop their own fashion products with digital fabric printing technology. Destruction on various fabrics It is easy , convenient, faster and can be printed by Unlimited number of colors used Can print complex graphics Whether it’s a drawing or a photo, without block screening and no minimum order quantity limitation, it helps designers able to design and create new designs continuously can take an example You can see the work before the actual production immediately.

The company pays attention to the preservation. Client’s work files and designer’s copyrights are in good condition and will not be published, reproduced or reproduced without permission. Strictly. In addition, the company has a policy of not accepting products that violate copyrights.


DTG printing is a digital t-shirt printing system that supports printing on fabrics with Natural fibers such as 100% Cotton T-shirt, quality printing. Can print various prints without limiting the number of colors used to support various graphics Sophisticated, watercolor painting, wood color, including photographs without block screening and no minimum production. Create an opportunity for artists and designers to convey art and patterns on the fabric effectively and with a unique identity.

Digital fabric printing Dye Sublimation system that supports printing on all types of fabrics that are synthetic (Polyester) and can print fabric rolls continuously. Makes it respond to the creation of patterns to produce various fashion products, whether it is a print for a piece of fabric for use in Cutting clothes, fabrics for bags, scarves, sportswear, exercise wear, swimwear, as well as products related to home decoration, furniture (Home Textile), printing on canvas and many more besides. Fabric prints are of high resolution, vivid color, and long lasting. The ink used is also Okeo-Tex certified,which meets environmental standards requirements. affecting humans making it possible to ensure safety Can be produced as a product to wear for adults, children and babies with confidence. There are internationally recognized standards.


  • Standard print quality
  • Maintain good work and copyright of customers .
  • Convenient, fast, on time
  • unlimited number of colors
  • Support for mass production
  • can be sampled immediately
  • consulting and honest information
  • Do not accept the production of printed products that are not copyrighted.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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