Text-and-Talk Phahonyothin School

1961 Phahonyothin Road, Lat Yao, Chatuchak, Bangkok 10900, Thailand


1990 by American teacher James Aaron Parmelee, who has lived in Thailand for over 30 years and loves Thailand as if it were his hometown. have a dream to develop Thai people to be able to speak English fluently and confidently Therefore, he went to teach English to learners who use English as a second language, both children and adults. until they are proficient and understand the problems in learning the language of Thai people And from this experience, James came up with a way to learn English well and opened a language school with his wife. Ajarn Sureeporn Parmeli, who has devoted her life to teaching and learning continuously for over 28 years, is currently managed by Ajarn Jana Lenn Parmeli, his daughter, who is a speaker for various agencies. Ajarn Janah has a great understanding of Thai language learning problems. Due to growing up and attending both Thai and foreign educational institutions With this experience and reason, Master Janah wanted to carry on the dream of Teacher James and Ajarn Sureeporn by focusing on continuous development

School philosophy

Good language skills, good career, happy


As as a school that focuses on developing both learners and instructors. systematically acquired knowledge effective can make the best career and can compete with invaluable quality can build a family with stability Help sustain the country


  • Aim to develop teaching staff and learners to have knowledge, competence, discipline, ethics, diligence, patience in the subjects studied, gratitude, and a better quality of life. Help yourself, your family and society effectively.

  • Aim to develop teachers in accordance with the professional ethics of teachers.

  • Develop up-to-date curriculum, equipment and teaching materials Learners can apply it according to their desired benefits.

  • Promote and support school personnel to have training to increase their knowledge, skills and work potential.

  • Manage educational institutions to be hygienic and hygienic. for both learners and teachers learn together happily

Courses & Service

English for Young Learners

English for Adults

Training courses for private organizations Government agencies and state enterprises.

Selection service and send foreign teachers both part time and full time to various educational institutions.

Camp arrangements in English and other languages to educational institutions Government and private agencies.

Training services to improve language skills for Thai teachers in various educational institutions.

translate documents

and a bilingual presenter, Thai/English

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