Thalun International Preschool, Golden Valley Rd, Yangon, Myanmar (Burma)


We are a closely knit community where students, educators, parents and staff celebrate learning, and value the social, emotional and intellectual experiences that form such an integral part of this journey. When you speak with members of our community about what Thalun means to them, one of the first references is to the warmth and support they experience on campus. This stems from our belief that education is partnership and that a healthy and positive environment enriches learning – and life – for all of its members.
We believe in finding balance. To this end we provide a challenging academic program that not only prepares students for success at college and universities, but also for transitioning successfully between international schools should they need to. In addition to that we recognize that students need the skills to excel in a globalized society and work culture, and to support their personal development to not only recognize but reflect on these. Our hope is that Thalun students are fully part of the world, yet enriched by their Myanmar experience.
Whether you are a parent seeking a new academic home for your child, a student looking for a new and exciting challenge, or an educator interested in joining a learning environment where the focus is on a passion for education, we invite you to reach out to our Admissions or Human Resources Departments. We would love it if you visited our campus, as this is the best possible way to get a sense of the warmth and commitment of our learning community.
As EFFECTIVE COMMUNICATORS we interact respectfully and effectively, using our cognitive and intuitive abilities to identify what is essential and authentic.
As CRITICAL THINKERS AND PROBLEM SOLVERS we gather information without prejudice in order to understand, solve and evaluate the process and outcome.
As CREATIVE, ARTISTIC INDIVIDUALS we generate innovative ideas and solutions, and add meaning through art, design and storytelling.
As SELF-DIRECTED, COURSEIVE LEARNERS we have the ability to grasp and apply scientific and theoretical concepts in order to appreciate the world we live in.
As CONSTRUCTIVE COMMUNITY MEMBERS we cooperate closely with others to resolve challenges, and improve the quality of life of those close to us, as well as our world and future generations.
Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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