The High School of Educational Science (HES)

144 Xuân Thủy, Dịch Vọng Hậu, Cầu Giấy, Hanoi, Vietnam


The High School of Educational Science (HES)  under the Hanoi National University of Education is a model of a high-quality public and practical high school. High School of Education Science was established in 2016, honored to inherit the proud tradition of over 100 years of Hanoi National University, standing in the ranks of 3 high quality high school training institutions (together with Natural Science High School – College of Natural Science and High School for Foreign Languages ​​- University of Foreign Languages).

The High School of Educational Sciences has the mission of becoming an elite training place and nurturing young talents based on the enjoyment of advanced educational technologies; contribute to pioneering in the renovation of general education; Effectively deploy educational scientific achievements in schools.

In addition to teaching culture, the school regularly organizes themed events as well as activities for students to practice skills, express themselves and improve their spirits. cooperate and feel every day to school is a happy day.

The High School of Educational Sciences is a school that is always innovative and oriented towards friends from all over the world. The school prioritizes an open development model, respecting the necessary standards of a high school. On the other hand, promoting all possibilities to organize the most advanced educational method, student-centered, turning the training process into a self-training process, always updated with scientific achievements. education, science and technology to enrich content, teaching methods. The school also pays great attention to foreign affairs, exchanges, and friendship programs with domestic and international friends to exchange experiences, to build and perfect intellectual products for the target audience. Students specialize and visualize a regional high school.

High School of Education Sciences believes that with the investment of Education University – Hanoi National University, together with the cooperation and help of units inside and outside the system of National University of Hanoi, The school will constantly develop and make stronger contributions to the training and fostering of talents for the country.

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