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Laos Australia Institute, Vientiane, Laos


The Laos Australia Institute (LAI) supports human resource development in Laos. It is the Australian Government’s leading program for scholarships and training, as well as a source of technical advice and support to the public and private sectors.

We highly value gender equality, as well as disability and socially inclusive development. Our work aims to overcome barriers and challenges faced by women, people with a disability, and people from different ethnic backgrounds or remote communities. Specific programs are in place to enable members of disadvantaged groups to access training and scholarships.

Professional Development and Short Trainings

Apart from long-term scholarship and training including AAS and LANS, the Australian Government is also providing other professional development and short trainings to key priority areas to advance sustainable development in Laos.

Disability Inclusive Development English Language Program

The Disability Inclusive Development (DID) English Language Program has been established to address education and skills for people living with disability and improving workplace capacity of organisations working on behalf of people with a disability and support the Australian  Government’s objectives of the Development for All 2015-2020 Strategy.​

The program aims to improve English skills for disability inclusive development including general English in the workplace.​

The program is for people with a disability or those working in disability inclusive development. Women and applicants from the Provinces are encouraged to apply. Special consideration will be applied to people with disabilities who need additional support to attend classes (within reasonable adjustment).​

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