The Learning Lab

Thomson Road, The Learning Lab (United Square), Singapore


We take your child’s learning seriously.

Week after week, over 50 specialists research, write, edit and design new and refreshing lesson materials that captivate your child’s imagination and interest.

More importantly, these lessons capture the most engaging themes and topics so that  your child enjoys learning and learns to apply knowledge and skills beyond the classroom too.

Equipping every child with the knowledge, skills and dispositions that matter


We want our students to have the right information for every task they take on in school and to accumulate a wealth of general knowledge to help them think, communicate and imagine change.


With lessons that make learning relevant to the environment around them, students are not only able to apply their skills to each quiz or test, but also use them to think critically and solve problems.


Whatever they do, our students believe that they can improve and they love to learn. They don’t back down from challenges, and see small failures as chances to make progress. They learn to manage their emotions, speak with kindness and have an open mind.

Please feel free to contact us with any queries or questions you may have.

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