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Singapore’s Top Math Training Centre

School Math and Competition Math Courses.

We help your child get into their dream school by excelling in Mathematics

PSLE, Secondary School and Competition Math Specialist

The Math Classroom is Singapore’s Top Math Olympiad training and Primary School Math Centre. It prepares (P3-P6) students for the Math Olympiad, GEP Test, DSA Test and PSLE Math.

The Math Classroom is Singapore’s top mathematics training centre. Our mission is to help students get into their dream school by excelling in Mathematics.

We do this by making sure that students:

  1. Understand everything we teach in class. We correct all misconceptions
  2. Are able to solve similar types of questions on their own if they appear in tests and exams
  3. Learn frameworks and tools to analyze and solve new questions that they have not previously encountered.

Best PSLE and SA2 Results

100% Distinctions in the PSLE in 2017 and 2018

All A*s and As!

Our students averaged PSLE T-scores of over 250 two years in a row!

40% of them qualified for Raffles Institution, Hwa Chong Institution, Raffles Girls’ School and Nanyang Girls High School through the PSLE.

Best Teachers

Our teachers have either

  1. Taught at top 8 schools in Singapore
  2. Studied mathematics at a high level in university
  3. Many years of teaching experience

Best Curriculum

Our school curriculum are produced in house and have been tried and tested in the PSLE. We refine them yearly to include the latest developments in math testing and competitions.

Our Small Class Sizes

Ensure that students get the absolute most attention and aid in focused and enhanced learning, thus encouraging more sharing and participation with best results

Teaching Approach

Each lesson starts out with the teacher going through key concepts and examples, followed by students practicing problems under close guidance of the teacher. Our syllabus builds on what students learn in school – this natural progression ensure that students will be able to pick up new mathematical knowledge and skills with ease. The advanced skills acquired in our courses are useful and relevant for math olympiad competitions and GEP.

Our Learning Focus

Foundation-Building and Accelerated Learning

Primary 1 and 2

It is very important to build a strong maths foundation in a child’s early years. This foundation will determine how fast and effectively a child can learn and pick up new mathematical skills and knowledge in the later years of their schooling journey. Our curriculum focuses on building interest, engagement and understanding in the subject. We accelerate learning of the school curriculum even as we start teaching students advanced math concepts

Acquiring Skills

Primary 3 and 4

Our students start to learn and practice intermediate and advanced concepts that will help them in high level math tests and competitions such as the GEP Test, SASMO, New South Wales Math Competition, AMC, AMO and ACS(I) Mathlympics.

Critical Thinking and

In-Depth Understanding

Primary 5 and 6

In this stage, we equip students with critical thinking skills, advanced problem-solving techniques, and an in-depth understanding of math topics in order to score well in the toughest math competitions. We will expose them to a variety of competition questions of progressive difficulty, and show them how to accurately evaluate each question, and choose the best method to solve for the answer.

Skills gained are useful for math competitions and Olympiads such as SASMO, NMOS, SMOPS and RIPMWC, MathOlympics,  AMC and AMC8.

For more information about our School Math and Competition Math Courses, please visit our school and competition math tabs.

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