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The Public Speaking Academy provides leading public speaking programmes, designed by our professional training faculty and helmed by our Master Trainer & Principal, World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay. These programmes and courses cover a wide range of topics from basic communication skills/techniques (such as body language awareness, vocal variety mastery) to specific skill-sets pertaining to public speaking, debating, job / school interviews, social communications and even National Examinations (such as Primary or Secondary School Oral Examinations). Our curated training courses are tailored to meet the unique educational goals of our clients; they include:

Speech Excellence Programme (for kids ages 9 to 18 years old) (SEP) – the Speech Excellence Programme is a weekly public speaking class for kids ages 9 to 18 years old. The SEP consists of a 1-year syllabus (with a minimum commitment of 12 weeks / 3 months), specifically designed to provide our students with an immersive and safe environment to pick up and hone effective communication skills.

World Champion Certification Programme (Public Speaking) (for adults) (WCCP) – the World Champion Certification Programme (Public Speaking) is the only World Champion public speaking training in Singapore, with a syllabus covering foundational public speaking techniques, supplemented by advanced communication skills (ranging from context-specific speeches to advanced linguistic skills). These weekly classes (total of 12-week programme) will imbue our students with communication confidence and powerful presentations skills. For adults with SkillsFuture Credits, up to $500 in credits can be used to pay for the course fee.

S’Peak Performance Programme (SPP) – the S’Peak Performance Programme is a comprehensive 2-day intensive public speaking training programme for children or adults (separate classes), aimed at, among others, conquering stage fright, bringing out your charisma as a speaker and helping you deliver powerful presentations. With a training programme designed by the World Champion of Public Speaking, Darren Tay, the S’Peak Performance Programme is perfect for those looking for an all-rounded and immersive learning experience – from delivering high-impact business presentations, acing oral examinations to developing networking skills, the S’Peak Performance Programme has much to offer in terms of public speaking/communication skills.

Holiday / Intensive Public Speaking Masterclasses – beyond our programmes above, the Public Speaking Academy also offers holiday or corporate public speaking masterclasses, aimed at introducing our students to the communication skills necessary to become a confident and charismatic speaker.

Premium One-to-One Training – the Public Speaking Academy has an extensive record of providing one-to-one public speaking training, with our commitment to a customised approach to your learning needs. To date, our professional training team has conducted one-to-one training for students as young as 7 years old (for National Public Speaking Competition) to senior management professionals looking to deliver powerful, high-impact presentations. Our trainings can be tailored to match your learning goals whether you are preparing for that wedding toast, keynote address, National Examinations, or even high-stakes board presentations – we look forward to guiding you on every step of your public speaking learning journey.


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