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Do you face the following challenges with helping your children in their effort to improve their English?

  • Struggling with the new syllabus that seems more advanced and demanding than before
  • Having no idea how to coach your child in writing or facing a lot of frustration doing so
  • Feeling at a loss due to lack of a textbook or structured syllabus, fixed vocabulary list so you can ensure your child completes revision for English
  • Being handicapped by your own challenges with English as a language
  • Enduring confusion and uncertainty even though you are fairly proficient in English

If you find the scenarios above familiar, you are not alone! The new English syllabus is indeed demanding and it is a known fact that of all the subjects, English is one that often remains a challenge since it seems like there is no fixed structure and syllabus.

Yet, this does not mean that all hope is lost. In our experience, even students who think they are destined to fail English, can make a turnaround as long as they receive the right help!

Schedule a complimentary detailed examination paper review (worth $122.50) NOW find out exactly how we can help your child improve! In this session, we will equip your child with 2 out of our many proven strategies so your child can acquire them and apply these strategies for close to immediate improvement.

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